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Welcome To Your First Shopping Email

E-mail is full of ads and important information mixed together, That wasting a lot of our times and attentions. But let's be the most important way to get in touch on the internet. That's why we chose email: AI helps you automatically categorize and filter information and helps you automate finding the best price!

Elegant Reading Experience

Break through the traditional way of mailbox reading, with amazing magazine layout, so you can quickly read the promotional mail of each business, and automatically filter important messages and advertising messages, saving a lot of time and effort.

Smart Shopping

With powerful AI technology, you can not only get discount promotions for the first time, but also automatically price from the Internet, get the best coupons, cashback and group buying channels, so you can get the most money at the click of a button.

Free For Life

By email and you'll get permanent free use, so you can sign up for all types of websites with confidence.

More than 1000,000 merchants can establish direct contact with customers through baza e-mail and offer official exclusive offers.

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I used to pay attention to discount promotions from interested merchants and spend a lot of time looking for available coupons, rebates, prices... to get the best purchase price. With baza, not only does it save time, some goods are 20% cheaper than before.Olivia Davahl
Cross-border purchaser
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